21st Century, Inc. has been using Livegistics for 3+ years

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About 21st Century

For over 20 years, Next Generation Services Group has been tirelessly committed to safety as “the most important aspect in our industry”. The NGSG team is always meeting to discuss their industry’s current safety news, looking forward and exploring new means and methods to provide the most safe and efficient project possible. They are always providing the most experienced level of workmanship the industry has to offer; which is the result of their veteran core group of field personnel and management positions alike. Every project they undertake, from personnel to equipment, they are entirely committed from start to finish. With their belief in long term client relationships, they are committed to being their customer’s solution on every project they undertake. Among demolition companies, 21st Century Salvage, Inc. stands out. Their team consists of experienced demolition specialists who are committed to safety, they have performed hundreds of jobs involving complete and partial structural demolition, selective interior demolition, industrial & commercial strip-outs, and historical renovation. Their clients come from a variety of industries including automotive, educational, healthcare, industrial, and commercial. 21st Century Salvage, Inc. is committed to meeting their clients schedule and budget, while delivering safe, quality work and excellent service. Their goal is to build a long-term relationship with their customers – in fact, 80% of their business represents repeat customers from client referrals.

“Instead of having to go from pen to paper to Excel spreadsheet, Livegistics allows you the freedom and flexibility to manage projects and focus on the job” – Kyle Martin, 21st Century Salvage / Project Manager

The Solution

With so many different types of materials coming in and leaving the job sites – from basic construction debris to hazardous debris like asbestos, there were a lot of materials to track. To have to track all of the materials by pen, paper, and Excel spreadsheets would be impossible to manage along with being time consuming. Livegistics software compartmentalizes and digitizes all of the paperwork that would be done in the office allowing key project stakeholders to stay in the field. With most of the features within the software being automated, users are able to manage and track projects without having to complete any paperwork.

At a glance

Challenges Solved:

  • Tracking scrap
  • Keeping track of projects
  • Helps with organization
  • No need to use Excel Spreadsheets and paper


  • Streamlined Processes 
  • 100% Digital
  • Helping with sustainability
  • Accessible from anywhere

“Anything that makes your job more streamlined, only makes you more professional, and more organized. When you’re more organized, then you can think clearly. When you think clearly, you can make the jobs more profitable and your margins will show that when the job ends” – Kyle Martin, 21st Century Salvage / Project Manager







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