Renascent clearing the way for the new Indiana University Health Hospital using Livegisics

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About Renascent

Renascent means: “Rebirth” and “Rising to New Life.” Renascent , the company, specializes in the demolition and repurposing of old structures, and value creation for communities. With roots thirty years deep, Renascent has grown rapidly. We specialize in the renewal of campuses, hospitals, stadiums/arenas, convention centers, airports, and public works projects, repurposing urban and rural land and buildings, large and small . We offer the essential expertise and safety in structural demolition, selective demolition, abatement services and recycling, as well as consulting, planning, and budgeting support .


IU Health Excavation Project
The IU Health Project is massive and RENASCENT needed help tracking all of the truckloads. They knew handling paperwork for a project this substantial would be hectic. With LIVEGISTICS being a completely digital software, It made it easy for RENASCENT to track all of their loads, check tickets, log hours, confirm truck counts and make sure billing information is accurate.

“We create around 2,000 new manifests every other week. So we had so many loads between two and 300 loads a day going to the Danville landfill and if we were to use paper manifests on this job with all these loads going, it would be way too hectic. It would slow us down. Using LIVEGISTICS has made our job 50 times more efficient.” Joe Campbell RENASCENT – Project Scheduler

The Solution

LIVEGISTICS eliminated the hardships that come with handling paperwork for RENASCENT. The onboarding process was very quick and easy. “It was so simple. It took maybe two days to get up and running and feel completely comfortable,” says Campbell. “LIVEGISTICS is not like any other software. You have Customer support available at all times to answer any questions or solve any problems for us right there on the fly! LIVEGISTICS is keeping our project on schedule

At a Glance 

Challenges Solved:

  • Overall Efficiency
  • Keeping track of project
  • Driver wait times
  • Misplacing Paperwork


  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • 100% Digital Software
  • Easy Implementation
  • Easily access Historic Data

“LIVEGISTICS makes accessing data easy! It’s always there when you want to go back. You don’t have to worry about file cabinents full of paper or misplacing paperwork.” Joe Campbell RENASCENT – Project Scheduler







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