T.K.M.S., one of the largest material hauling company’s in Michigan is raving fan of Livegistics!

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About T.K.M.S.

T.K.M.S is one of the largest material hauling company’s in Michigan. They have been in business for over 35 years and have a trusted name and reputation. The T.K.M.S fleet consists of 77 aluminum gravel trains and a team of reputable brokers to serve any aggregate commodity needs. They are committed to great service along with safe and professional drivers and on-time deliveries with thanks to Livegistics’ LTS Trucking Software. T.K.M.S has their own 24 hour maintenance department so they can keep their fleet on the road and working for their customers at all times. The dirt delivery & aggregate hauling team serves Genesee, Lapeer, St. Clair, Livingston, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw, Wayne & Monroe Counties. They specialize in hauling limestone, crushed concrete, sand, pea stone, and other aggregate commodities. They are able to serve any hauling need, big or small. Make one call, T.K.M.S will haul.

“Change is difficult, especially in our industry. After having a room full of paperwork and thousands of tickets piled up on our desks. It was time to make a change and start using Livegistics. LTS Trucking is a GAME CHANGER for dispatchers” – Tony Allen, T.K.M.S. – President


“We use Livegistics for every single job and project. All of our trucking, dispatch, order taking, billing, everything is done using Livegistics.” Says Tony Allen, President of T.K.M.S & Lou’s. Allen discovered Livegistics when speaking with our CEO, Justin Turk, and Turk presented the idea of developing a completely digital construction operations software, now Livegistics. At first, Allen was hesitant of Livegistics. “Change is difficult; especially in our industry.” says Allen. After moving T.K.M.S to Detroit, Livegistics headquarters, and reflecting on the room full of paperwork and thousands of tickets piled up on their desk, they decided it was time to make the change. “We have to do something different,” says Allen. After contacting Turk, they started using Livegistics. “Once we got started using Livegistics, it was awesome. It is a game changer for dispatchers

The Solution

“We can do things digitally and on the fly now with Livegistics. Everything was done with paperwork before. All of the dispatches were done by hand and with very little computer work but now it’s all populated,” says Allen. Livegistics 100% digital trucking software allows T.K.M.S to have an automated dispatching service and more efficiency with tracking their trucks on mobile device and by web from anytime & anywhere. “It makes the interaction between the dispatcher and driver ten times easier. Dispatchers get truck information instantly and digitally instead of waiting for information to be relayed by paperwork and radio. Instead of trying to manage jobs and projects with one big piece of paper and trying to add everything up, Livegistics does it for us; without any paperwork. Every time a truck dumps material, enters in the tonnages, it’s all added together and inputed into the system instantly

Challenges Solved:

  • No more piles of paperwork
  • No more lost paperwork
  • Streamlined billing process
  • Communication between dispatch and drivers
  • Easier to manage truck loads


  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • 100% Digital Automated SoftwareEasy Implementation
  • Easy to use
  • Easier communication

“I can pull up dispatch anywhere. By Phone, iPad, Laptop; all around. When a customer calls and asks how many loads they’ve done, I can tell them how many loads have been dropped, how many are loaded, and more without having to spend over 25 minutes asking each driver by radio.” Tony Allen T.K.M.S – President







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